This blog was created for my friend Terry Purdom. Terry was diagnosed with an incurable form of bone cancer called Multiple Myeloma in November 2004. Last summer 2010, Terry took a roadtrip to raise money to fund cancer research. My wife and I have both lost loved ones to cancer, and know the horrible effects that this disease has on friends, family, and those struck by the illness. Terry is truly a hero. Our dream is to help Terry with his cause. Please read more about Terry on his web site

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The first donation

We went to our local Harley dealer looking for other options. Brynn at Timpanogas Harley Davidson in Lindon, Utah started us on our new crusade for quilt "ingredients" by an innocent donation of 2 t-shirts from their dealership. Timpanogos H-D harvested most the materials to construct this dealership from Geneva Steel. This 58,000 square foot 
building is believed to be one of the largest reclaimed or “green” structures in the country.  Over 75% of the materials used to build  this dealership was recycled from Geneva Steel, railroad bridges, and other early Utah industrial buildings dating back as early as the 1870’s.

Now we're on the hunt for t-shirts! By cutting them into squares, we'll have our quilts! Thanks Brynn!!!! Find them at

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